Doppelherz – We have tradition – We have a future

Doppelherz – We have tradition – We have a future

Doppelherz Energy Tonic is one of Germany's most famous branded products. 93 % of all Germans are familiar with the name and 74 % know that Doppelherz is a tonic that fortifies heart and circulation. In many households Doppelherz tonics have become a regular companion promoting good health through every stage of life.

Since 1992 Doppelherz Vital Tonic has been available without alcohol and sugar making it suitable for diabetics. Both tonics, the classic Doppelherz Energy Tonic and the Vital Tonic, assist the heart's performance and fortify the circulation naturally with a special combination of medicinal herbs such as hawthorn and rosemary. Other ingredients, such as valerian, invigorate and calm the nerves. As a powerful duo for the heart, circulation and nerves both tonics have another pleasant side effect: they taste good so no-one would ever call them bitter medicine.

More than tonics

However, since the mid 1980s Queisser Pharma has been producing more than just tonics. The traditional know-how invested in Doppelherz in relation to heart and circulation has been developed and expanded bit by bit into a major health brand. In the meantime there are more than a hundred over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and food supplements available all of which bear the Doppelherz logo.

Amongst these are heart-fortifying medicinal products such as garlic and hawthorn and a whole series of products containing salmon oil and omega 3 fatty acids. They highlight in particular Queisser Pharma's state of the art knowledge in cardiovascular matters. In recent years Queisser has also developed a broad range of vitamin and mineral preparations which testify to the company's power to consistently offer food supplements in new and intelligent combinations.

Products of the Doppelherz aktiv range

"The products of the Doppelherz aktiv range contain a number of active ingredients at the highest dosage levels permitted by law. As a result we are creating products which become established in their respective market segments," Ebba Loeck, Scientific Director at Queisser Pharma.

Another area on which we focus during the development of new products is that of creating intelligent combinations of active ingredients since combining nutrients often acts as a significant health booster.

For this reason Queisser Pharma's science department constantly evaluates recent specialist literature and considers new, more up to date formulations. Evidence of how right this way of thinking is, can be seen in the market for health-boosting products since a large number of new developments from the Doppelherz aktiv range have developed within a very short time into market leaders in their market segment. Example of these are Doppelherz Magnesium + Calcium, Doppelherz Salmon Oil Omega 3 and Doppelherz C + Zinc + E Depot. The high level of product acceptance amongst our customers proves just how much attention Queisser Pharma pays to changing customer requirements and how these requirements are then satisfied in line with the market by appropriate, intelligent products.

This reveals the potential for innovation and extensive knowledge held in the creative brains of Queisser's inventive employees.

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