Environmental responsibility & sustainability

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We take sustainability and environmental responsibility very seriously. With new investments and refurbishment work, we make sure that our production technology stays at the cutting edge. In this way, we are able to implement sustainable improvements on a prompt basis.

In the area of sustainability and environmental protection, we support and track the sparing use of resources such as energy and water. This also includes, for instance, limiting our energy consumption and/or reducing it with the use of modern technology as our rates of production increase.

We achieve our savings-related goals with the following measures:

  • Raising awareness with employee training
  • Monitoring rates of consumption with precision measurement methods and process monitoring
  • advanced technical steps
  • continuous modernisation
  • voluntary monitoring through the certification of accredited companies

Certification according to ISO norms

Queisser Pharma GmbH & Co.KG has been successfully certified according to the DIN ISO EN 50001 norm since 2016. That means that we have introduced an energy management system which is based on the determination of the energy use in our company and the assessment of our energy efficiency. On this basis, we implement technical measures that help us to improve our energy efficiency.

In 1997, we were certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management norm. The goal of this norm is to achieve a continuous improvement in environmental performance and to contribute to compliance with environmental law in the company.

High levels of purity and quality thanks to quality seals

The high quality of our products’ ingredients always comes first. A variety of quality seals and standards confirm the purity and sustainability of the raw materials and ingredients that we use.

PureMax seal | Queisser Pharma
PureMax* seal
Eco harvesting seal | Queisser Pharma
ECO-HarvestingTM** seal

PureMax technology
The PureMax* seal certifies the high quality and sustainability of sea fish oil. Purity is also prioritised with the production of our Omega 3 fatty acids. To obtain the concentrate, we only use fish that comes from sustainable fisheries. The regular inspection and certification of the concentrates and the specified quality parameters confirm the exceptionally high quality of the Omega 3 concentrate.

ECO harvesting process
With ECO-HarvestingTM technology** extensive by-catches are prevented on an effective basis with the use of specialist fishing nets. This means that the krill is caught in the Antarctic Ocean on a particularly environmentally-caring basis. The entire catches are processed on board the fishing boats immediately, which results in exceptionally pure krill oil. As one of the only such methods to be used in the Antarctic, it has been demonstrated that the Harvesting TM process** does not have a negative influence on the krill population or the ecosystem.

* PureMax is a Croda International PLC, England brand

** ECO-HarvestingTM is an Aker BioMarine brand