The people behind the brand

The people behind the brand

"Trading is a ‘We' and not an ‘I'," said Hanna Arendt and this sentence might almost be an in-house rule for Queisser employees.

Flat hierarchies – good teamwork

All work processes at Queisser's headquarters in Flensburg are interlinked and mutually dependent. The departments work with each other and not against each other and are in constant communication.

The feeling that everyone plays an active part in the success of the Doppelherz health brand, Protefix adhesives and all our other products is very evident within the company. Consequently, finding new combinations of products and active ingredients is not left solely to Queisser's development department. Here every individual is responsible for the brand's quality and his or her ideas are incorporated into the multilayered production process. "I work in the system and not on the system," says Axel J. Jürgensen, Queisser's Export Director, expressing the basic in-house attitude on behalf of all his colleagues. The result alongside the high commitment to a strong brand is equally strong motivation and real pleasure in being creative.

„I'm proud to be a Queisser“

This target-oriented, creative process is supported by a work organisation that is based on the system of flat hierarchies and open doors facilitating modern communication systems which include the immediate exchange of information and harmonisation of opinions.

At Queisser Pharma we talk to each other. Targeted use of the "office grapevine" is our motto and it is precisely this which enables us to achieve flexibility and speed. Time and again the market shows this to be the company's major strength. "I'm proud to be a Queisser," is a quote from Bernd. W. Hildebrandt, Sales Director, and could just as easily have come from almost anyone else in the Queisser team both in-house and in the field.

Secure jobs

At a time when three quarters of all German employees are worried about their jobs, and where over half of all Germans can no longer see any real point in their professional activity, it is extremely significant for Queisser's employees in Flensburg and throughout the world to work in a company which offers more than just job security and forecasts of a profitable future, we are talking here about a recognisable purpose to the whole operation. Here it is clear to everyone that the aim in all our activities and at all times is to maintain the health and wellbeing of the users of Queisser products. Could anything provide greater purpose to one's daily work?

The Queisser in-house feeling

Gert Bendixen, former Managing Director of Queisser Pharma, summarises the in-house feeling about life and work:

"In order as a medium-sized company to compete with huge, international corporate groups, we must be courageous, fast and flexible.

It is only possible to do this with good, motivated employees and a flat hierarchy structure. In recent years we have moulded together as a team and take pleasure in the continued development of our brands and products and in turn in the company as a whole."

What we hope is that this positive attitude radiates to the market, the pharmacy and the sales shelves.