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Our new company headquarters in Flensburg

Our continuous employee growth has led to more and more office space being rented in recent years. In order to maintain and promote personal exchange within the company, a new company headquarters in a modern style and in accordance with the latest energy standards will be built on Schleswiger Straße from 2022.
Verwaltungsneubau l Queisser

Since moving into the company headquarters in Schleswiger Straße in 1987, Queisser Pharma has grown steadily. Around 260 employees currently work at the company headquarters in Flensburg, more than 160 of them in administrative areas. For several years now, additional office space has had to be rented across the street and the employee growth is not slowing down. In recent years, an average of 15 new employees per year have been hired.

Our Queisser culture is characterized by constant personal exchange. In order to maintain this valuable communication, we will build a new company headquarters on Schleswiger Straße - our Queisser Campus. We are currently tearing down a large part of the current administration wing so that the new building can become the beautiful new center of Queisser Pharma for all employees. With the new building, we will connect the current property with the adjacent property that we have acquired. This makes it possible for us to continue to develop, expand and grow at the Schleswiger Straße location in the coming years.

From spring 2022, a four-storey administration building, which we planned together with the Hamburg architects MPP, as well as a parking lot will be built there. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2023.

For the transitional period, we have rented premises in a nearby office building in Flensburg for our employees who previously worked in the former administration wing.

For us, the new building of our company headquarters is a clear commitment to our region - we would like to continue to grow here.

Here, we would like to provide you with more information about the construction project.

Ecological goals of the Queisser Campus

Our new building will be constructed to meet the  energy-efficiency standard "KfW 55".  For our Queisser campus, we pay particular attention to sustainability, energy saving and the use of renewable energies. For example, we will use district heating in the new building, the building will be equipped with a green roof and spacious green areas will be created in the inner courtyard. In addition, we will work with electricity from 100% green electricity. E-mobility is also promoted with charging stations for both e-cars and e-bikes.

What advantages does the Queisser Campus offer our employees?

  • Constant personal exchange
  • Short distances
  • Open-plan central zones in the building
  • More effective, cross-departmental collaboration
  • Many flexible areas and rooms for spontaneous meetings and concentrated work
  • Bright and spacious office space
  • State-of-the-art technical equipment
  • Staff restaurant with an outdoor terrace facing the inner courtyard
  • Parent-child room

Time schedule

from August 2021

Moving out of the administration wing at Schleswiger Str. 74

from the end of 2021

Demolition of the current administration building

Spring 2022

Start of building

Spring 2023

Start of interior work

End of 2023

Completion of new company headquarter

from early 2024

Moving into the Queisser campus

We would like to keep you up to date with impressions of the progress of the project - starting with the demolition of the previous administration building in time lapse up to the current status: the foundation of the main building has been laid and the new parking lot is at an advanced stage of construction.

Late summer 2022: solid ground under the feet

Further progress on the construction site: the base plate of the main building has now been poured, the walls of the basement have been erected and work on the ceiling can continue.

In the meantime, the ceilings could be installed in the multi-storey car park. The concrete work has already started.

Summer 2022: News from the construction progress

There is already a lot going on on our construction site: After the demolition and clearing work on the old administration building, the excavation pit for our new company headquarters was dug, the foundations were laid and the insulation was then installed.

The civil engineering work for the multi-storey car park has meanwhile been completed. Here the stair tower is already complete and the steel construction for the rest of the building is in full progess.

From winter 2021: demolition of the old administration building