You'll find Queisser wherever health can be bought – The market for health products has changed dramatically over the last few years. Today it is quite common to put food supplements into the basket at the same time as doing the day to day shopping. Queisser products fill the shelves in large numbers and are prominently displayed on sales stands in drug stores and food retailing outlets.

However, pharmacies are equally important partners. For us, more than 21,000 German pharmacies continue to be the traditional location for obtaining the best health advice. Queisser Pharma knows that it is only possible to stabilize and build on this success through the range of good health products on offer and professional communication. It is not just our pharmacy-only products, Ramend and Stozzon, it also applies to Protefix adhesives and the pharmacy exclusive products of the Doppelherz aktiv range with particularly high active ingredient contents, which are eminently suitable for customer advice handed out by the pharmacist.

Only those who are given good advice can make the right decision, and the success of self-medication depends to a large extent on the pharmacist's expert explanation about the way in which a product works.

Queisser assists the pharmacist

Queisser assists the pharmacist and his employees to make the sale in every conceivable way. Effective information materials are provided in addition to informative product training courses. Display stands plus attractive decorative materials for eye-catching shop window displays direct the interest of pharmacy customers to our products and thus create additional sales. Special campaigns in the pharmacy strengthen customer loyalty. For example, we run regular cholesterol measuring days jointly with the pharmacies. The pharmacist has access to high-quality measuring equipment and consumables.

On one hand the results give consumers fast and inexpensive information about the state of their health, and on the other there are subsequently opportunities to generate additional sales. Explaining the benefits of the pharmacy-exclusive Doppelherz salmon oils - Doppelherz Salmon Oil 800mg and Doppelherz Salmon Oil 1000mg + Folic Acid + B6 + B12 - can provide extra support for the effectiveness of products prescribed by the doctor. Pharmacies are provided with a range of advertising materials to demonstrate this to their customers. Other customer loyalty measures adopted are loyalty card campaigns for the Protefix brand or coupon campaigns for a few selected products.

These are only a few examples which prove that Queisser Pharma does not see pharmacies as just any sales outlets but rather as extremely important partners en route to shared customers.