African and Asian healthcare markets

It’s been a long time since our activities were restricted to serving only the markets in Germany and Europe – today the markets can be found all over the globe. Even a medium-sized company such as Queisser Pharma with strong regional roots must face up to this development and play an active role in shaping it.
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For some years now, Queisser Pharma has been reinforcing its efforts in gaining footholds in the African and Asian healthcare markets, which step by step are developing into markets with a promising potential for the future.

The richness of natural resources and an ever-expanding middle class are factors that promote this trend. These countries constitute major growth markets, ones in which we have been able to expand our market shares substantially over recent years. By reinforcing our efforts to establish our brands, we have succeeded in strengthening the existing structures and tapping new markets in the process.

In Africa and Asia we mainly cooperate with independent sales partners who bear the responsibility for the import, distribution, and marketing of our international brand products in the individual markets. Our aim here is to create sustainable business relationships based on mutual trust and fairness.