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Whistleblower Portal

The Whistleblower Portal by Queisser Pharma

With this whistleblower portal, Queisser Pharma GmbH & Co. KG provides its own employees as well as employees of suppliers, business partners, or service providers of Queisser Pharma and also residents around local sites the opportunity to report violations of human rights and environmental protection. These violations must be related to Queisser Pharma or the supply chain of Queisser Pharma.

IMPORTANT: Your identity and the report will be treated confidentially in accordance with legal regulations, and every report will be followed up on.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the purpose and process of making a report, please first read our FAQ document, in which we address the most common questions. The PDF is available for download in both German and English editions.

Downloads: FAQ ENG

Statement of Principles

Here you can view and download Queisser Pharma's statement of principles regarding risk management and analysis, complaint procedures, reporting, human rights and environmental priorities, as well as expectations towards employees and suppliers.

Download: Declaration of Principles (ENG)