Social Responsibility

These are only a few examples which prove that Queisser Pharma does not see pharmacies as just any sales outlets but rather as extremely important partners en route to shared customers.

We take social responsibility seriously

For us, acting in an entrepreneurially responsible manner means lending our regular and targeted support to engaged and committed people and initiatives who exemplarily devote their efforts to furthering the public good in our living environment. We are part of our region and feel ourselves closely connected with it.

We at Queisser have established three special initiatives that are held yearly:

  • Senior Citizens Award
    Since 1987, our company has awarded the annual Queisser Senior Citizens Award in appreciation of the efforts of senior citizens in the Flensburg region who demonstrate communal, social, and cultural engagement, also in the area of sport. The award is endowed with a total annual prize money of EUR 6,000.00.

  • Junior Citizens Award
    The Queisser Junior Citizens Award was first awarded in 2007 in honour of schoolchildren in Schleswig-Holstein who show special voluntary engagement and social commitment in community affairs beyond the classroom. The award is endowed with a total annual prize money of EUR 4,500.00.

  • Children in our region
    We wish to make a direct contribution to making the living environment in our region more children- and family-friendly. This is the reason why the Queisser initiative “Kinder unserer Region“ (Children in our region) was established in 2013 to support regional projects for children from the ages of one to ten. A total endowment of EUR 15,000.00 is dedicated to the sponsoring of projects each year.